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If there was ever a time to join the renewable energy revolution, it’s now.

Join Us at the 2018 REBA Summit
The 2018 REBA Summit will gather over 400 energy buyers, service providers, developers, financiers, non-profit organizations and utilities in Oakland, CA, October 14-16 to identify opportunities to accelerate procurement of renewable energy. More details and invitation requests to come.
Build a business case to get your company on board with moving to clean and renewable energy.
Our news & resources page will provide you with renewable energy growth rates, renewable energy resource maps by state, case studies, and articles about how companies and utilities are working together to better serve companies’ needs, and, in the process, green the grid.
Sign onto the Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles.
Add your voice to the growing corporate movement of 55 companies working to scale renewables, educate utilities and utility regulators on what buyers need, and shape how renewable energy deals get done.
Join the Business Renewables Center (BRC).
More than 200 entities are part of the BRC. If you are ready to move into procurement or need help scaling an existing deal, visit Rocky Mountain Institute’s Business Renewables Center to find projects that meet your needs and get help with executing deals
Join BSR’s Future of Internet Power
Join BSR’s Future of Internet Power to collaborate with companies using cloud and colocation data center services and share best practices for maximizing renewables at energy intensive data storage facilities.
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The REBA coalition is making progress every day.

Visit regularly to hear about the latest renewable energy deals, read new case studies, and see recent articles in the press.

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The time for change is now

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