REBA Board of Directors (BoD) Election Information

REBA invites all current member companies to participate in the annual Board of Directors election now through May 18.

About the Board

REBA’s Board of Directors guides and governs the organization toward mission success. A great Board member is focused on REBA’s mission, represents your member voice or perspective in their decision-making, and has the time and intellect to contribute to REBA. In addition, the Board is specifically seeking individuals with the following attributes (not requirements): 

For the Buyer seats, the Board is seeking a breadth of Buyer voices including smaller Buyer companies, companies at early stage in their renewable energy journey, or Buyers from other groups such as cities, universities, or federal agencies.

Read REBA’s current Board of Directors.

Open Board of Directors seats

We have an impressive slate of candidates for each of the following Board seats:

REBA Virtual Member Summit attendees can view nominee list on the RVMS platform Swoogo. All voting members can view nominee profiles when accessing the ballot.

Who votes

The primary contact for every member company has one vote. That individual received an email on May 4 at 12:00pm ET from Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance: with an invitation to vote. If you did not receive an email or want to know who your primary contact is, contact us.

How to vote

The link for your vote was emailed on May 5 at 12:00 PM ET to the primary contact for each member company from with a link to access the online election as well as a unique access code. Each company may participate in the election one time only (each voter may vote or abstain for all open positions). The email may be forwarded to an alternative voter within your organization. 

Election Timeline  

Contact Rachel for any questions or concerns: