The Opportunity

It is estimated that data centers use at least 1% of the world’s electricity and given the increasing consumer demand for data center services, this may double in the next three to four years and further compound existing environmental impacts. Data center and public cloud use can also represent a significant portion of a company’s supply chain emissions. Companies that use data center services need to work with their data center and public cloud providers to find collaborative strategies for renewable energy sourcing to realize this industry’s potential for sustainability and meet supply chain emissions targets.


Leverage REBA tools and resources to procure renewable energy.


Partner on solutions for procurement challenges in data centers.


Collaborate with peers for exclusive insights, best practices, and lessons learned.


Raise awareness of efforts to decarbonize data centers and the public cloud.

Who We Are

Future of Internet Power (FoIP) is a key coalition of REBA members identifying barriers to and developing solutions for energy management and renewable energy procurement by colocation data center(colo) and public cloud service providers.

What We Do

A collaborative approach to overcoming market barriers is the most expedient pathway to accelerating change. FoIP brings together colo and cloud customers, service providers, and industry stakeholders to address challenges to energy consumption and access to renewable energy through innovative solutions across the data sector. REBA membership gives you the opportunity to participate in the FoIP initiative to enhance your efforts to reduce the carbon emissions associated with your data use through utilization of REBA’s educational resources and engagement with REBA’s community.

The Corporate Colocation and Cloud Buyers’ Principles

As customers of colocation and cloud services, we agree that the following principles, if followed by colocation and cloud service providers, will help us meet our sustainability goals.

We will give preference to providers who do the following:


Provide options for cost-competitive services powered by renewable resources that reduce emissions beyond business as usual.


Deliver monthly data on the colo customer’s direct and indirect energy consumption, water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and other environmental data.


Align the partnership between customer and service provider so both parties have an incentive to reduce energy consumption.


Provide options for customer collaboration on efficiency and renewable energy enhancements.


Disclose individual sites and total global corporate footprint, as well as site-specific energy sources.


Engage in policy advocacy efforts that support the use of renewable energy.

Download the Principles

Corporate Colocation & Cloud Buyers’ Principles Toolkit

The Corp-Colo Toolkit is designed to help sustainability teams and other internal advocates from signatory
 companies engage with their colos and cloud service providers to put the Principles into practice.

General Information
Corporate Colocation and Cloud Buyers’ Principles

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Corporate Colocation and Cloud Buyers’ Principles Toolkit

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Corporate Colocation and Cloud Buyers’ FAQ

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White Paper
White Paper

GHG Emissions Accounting, Renewable Energy Purchases, and Zero-Carbon Reporting: Issues and Considerations for the Colocation Data Industry

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White Paper
White Paper

Documentation Requirements for Supplier-Procured Renewable Energy

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Signatory Form

Form for data center customer companies who want to formally support the Corporate Colocation and Cloud Buyers’ Principles

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Statement of Support

For data center service providers who want to formally support the Corporate Colocation and Cloud Buyers’ Principles

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Walking Deck

To socialize the Corporate Colocation and Cloud Buyers’ Principles at your company

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Template Emails

For use in socializing principles internally, engaging colo vendors, and inviting others to join the Principles as signatories or supporters

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