Policy Innovation

Driving policy and regulatory progress to expand access to clean energy.

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There has been significant momentum in the market given wind and solar technologies are no longer seen as risky investments – quite the opposite – they are seen as commonsense practices that provide an opportunity to integrate resiliency, while increasing revenue and ultimately contributing to improving communities.

To truly scale towards REBA's mission to catalyze 60 GW of renewable energy, innovation in policy, rate, and market structure is vital. Energy policies and regulations are changing in different states and markets with little to no input from consumers.

REBA’s Policy Innovation team enhances the ability of buyers to engage on policy by providing research, analysis, and actionable information so they are equipped with an understanding of the role and importance of policy to their own sustainability and clean energy goals.

The Policy Innovation team also educates policymakers and other key stakeholders about policy needs of large energy buyers, so that they are reflected in their decisions.

Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance announces Virginia as top priority state for 2020

REBA will lead a coalition to expand renewable energy access in the Commonwealth

October 24, 2019

The Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) announced that the Commonwealth of Virginia will be a top priority state in 2020 as it seeks to expand access to renewable energy for its members. REBA will lead an advocacy campaign to expand the ability of retail customers in Virginia to use renewable energy to power their operations, reduce their carbon footprint, and green the grid for all.