The LESsor Sustainable Energy Network (LESSEN) is a 10-month training for data center and real estate owners that will help build a community of practice among attendees through insights from experienced large-scale energy buyers. The training will focus on the key elements of a successful sustainable energy strategy. The LESSEN training is provided through multiple online sessions covering foundational knowledge and project specific education, together with in-person sessions in February 2021 and May 2021 (locations TBD), travel restrictions permitting.

The LESSEN training will provide a deep-dive into the fundamental components of sustainable energy projects, including:

Energy efficiency strategies and technologies
On-site and off-site energy generation
How to make the internal business case for sustainability
Contracting structures
Economic considerations related to the different project types

Who should participate in LESSEN?

Data center owners or real estate landlords seeking to:

• Develop a business case for energy sustainability
• Undertake energy efficiency or renewable energy projects
• Receive expert guidance on how to take action related to sustainable energy use

The LESSEN training will kick off in August 2020 through a mix of online education and in-person events (travel restrictions permitting) over 10 months, providing attendees with knowledge to move forward on their own, in a demand-aggregated group, or through engagement with external consultants for tailored support.


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LESsor Sustainable Energy Network (LESSEN) Overview

Learn more about LESSEN and the training schedule.

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