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If there was ever a time to join the renewable energy revolution, it’s now.

Build a business case to get your company on board with moving to clean and renewable energy.
Our news & resources page will provide you with renewable energy growth rates, renewable energy resource maps by state, case studies, and articles about how companies and utilities are working together to better serve companies’ needs, and, in the process, green the grid.
Sign onto the Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles.
Add your voice to the growing corporate movement of 55 companies working to scale renewables, educate utilities and utility regulators on what buyers need, and shape how renewable energy deals get done.
Join the Business Renewables Center (BRC).
More than 100 companies are part of the BRC. If you are ready to move into procurement or need help scaling an existing deal, visit Rocky Mountain Institute’s Business Renewables Center to find projects that meet your needs and get help with executing deals
Join BSR’s Future of Internet Power
Join BSR’s Future of Internet Power to collaborate with more than ten other companies using cloud and colocation data center services and share best practices for maximizing renewables at energy intensive data storage facilities.
Join Us at the 2017 REBA Summit
The 2017 Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) Summit will gather 400 energy buyers, service providers, developers, financiers, non-profit experts and utility representatives in Santa Clara, CA, to identify opportunities to accelerate procurement of renewable energy.
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We power the corporate movement toward renewable energy.

Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) is helping grow corporate demand for renewable power and helping utilities and others meet it. Companies across the US want to power their operations with clean and renewable energy but navigating the path to renewables is harder than it should be. REBA exists to make the transition easier by helping companies understand the benefits of moving to renewables, connecting corporate demand to renewable energy supply, and helping utilities better understand and serve the needs of corporations.


Making clean and renewable energy the new normal.

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REBA works across customers, suppliers, and policymakers to identify barriers to buying clean and renewable energy and then develop solutions that meet rapidly growing corporate demand. In the process, we are greening the grid for all.

REBA is led by four non-profit organizations that have brought together their deep expertise in transforming energy markets. Collectively we work with more than 60 iconic, multinational companies that represent enormous demand for renewable power and as part of that, coordinate with the We Mean Business’ RE100 campaign, supporting companies who have signed onto their 100% renewable energy commitment. Our goal is to help corporations purchase 60GW of additional renewable energy in the US by 2025.

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Rocky Mountain Institute is developing the ecosystem of solutions providers, scaling renewable energy developments, and helping companies execute their renewable energy strategies through its Business Renewables Center.
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Charge convenes an action-oriented group of member companies with utilities to expand clean energy in China, India, the United States and across Southeast Asia and Latin America.
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BSR’s Future of Internet Power specializes in increasing companies’ use of renewable energy to power data centers through collaboration with power providers, utilities, and policymakers.
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The Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles aggregate corporate demand, and articulate the buyers’ needs to the market.
Why Reba

Procuring renewable energy is harder than it should be. REBA can help.

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Get decision makers on board.
Check out our latest news and resources to gain an understanding of the benefits of, or make the business case for, shifting to renewables.
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Navigate your options
REBA helps companies understand their purchasing options. We also help companies, policymakers, and utilities work together to create new solutions that benefit all.
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Simplifies deals.
REBA helps companies streamline the transaction process by facilitating dialog between corporate customers, utilities, and policy makers, standardizing contracts, and sharing successful tactics and contracts across our network of companies.

The time for change is now

Move your organization to clean and renewable energy