Update: 2020 REBA Member Summit

As a nation, and global citizens, we are all working together to navigate the unprecedented times brought on by COVID-19. While the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) will not convene its 2020 REBA Member Summit, we recognize the value of camaraderie, learning, and solutioning in the REBA community. We are committed to prioritizing the following over the next coming weeks as we evaluate alternative paths, including virtual convening options, to meet the needs of REBA members and key partners: 

1. Opportunities to engage your peers – enhance and establish valuable relationships 

2. Exposure to a wide range and breadth of topical education and market intelligence 

3. Practical tactics to solve challenges 


We know that your commitment to achieving your company’s zero-carbon and renewable energy goals will continue and that our work as a community is more important than ever. REBA will continue to support your efforts and serve as connective tissue understanding that we can drive more impact together than alone.  

a community of energy buyers
accelerating the zero-carbon energy
future—greening the grid for all

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Our Mission

REBA is an alliance of large clean energy buyers, energy providers, and service providers that, together with NGO partners, are unlocking the marketplace for all nonresidential energy buyers to lead a rapid transition to a cleaner, prosperous, zero-carbon energy future.

REBA's Theory of Change

Large energy consumers have the buying power and collective voice to change markets. Energy buyers have a unique, critical role in driving a zero-carbon energy future.

Why Join REBA?

REBA will help you to be a part of the movement to scale the number of companies transacting in the low-carbon energy markets.

REBA is a national membership association, supporting stakeholders in the entire clean energy transaction: buyers, energy providers, and service providers of renewable energy. Membership in REBA is available to any nonresidential energy buyer, as well as to clean energy providers and other service providers committed to the zero-carbon energy future.

REBA’s membership tiers fit your organization’s needs, based on where you are in your clean energy journey.


REBA Deal Tracker

REBA tracks new corporate renewable energy contracts as they are announced. The chart available for download below shows our analysis of all the public transactions during the past 5 years.

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Action to drive GHG reductions is needed, now

Urgent Need

The commercial & industrial sector is the largest emitter of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions in the United States

To solve the global climate change challenges, the majority of the world's energy must come from zero-carbon power sources

It is necessary to reduce human-caused global CO2 emissions to net-zero by 2050

The Opportunity

The private sector is responsible for over 60% of electricity consumption and a major driver of economic and political exchange

The private sector’s actions on climate issues are strong, and they want to do more

If companies with 100% renewable energy goals today achieve them, it will catalyze as much capacity as was installed from all US Renewable Portfolio Standards since 2011

What's Needed

Significant barriers exist, making it much harder than necessary to buy renewable energy

Buyers face regulatory and market hurdles

Clean energy markets need innovation in policy, market structure, and next generation technologies

REBA In Action

REBA offers pre-transaction education, policy and regulatory support, a platform for market innovation, and a Global RE Network to coordinate members’ activity worldwide. REBA has a goal of catalyzing 60 gigawatts of new renewable energy by 2025 in the United States and more internationally.

How REBA Works

Market development programs to help buyers, energy providers, and service providers operate

Market Innovation programs in policy and supply chain to expand and increase sustainability actions


Education and Engagement

Empowering market stakeholders with the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to navigate clean energy market

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Market Innovation

Unlocking the next generation of clean energy solutions to achieve a zero-carbon energy system

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Policy Innovation

Driving policy and regulatory progress to expand access to clean energy

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Supply Chain

Empowering large energy buyers and their suppliers with the resources necessary to streamline and accelerate clean energy procurement across global supply chains

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International Collaboration

Connecting large energy buyers, international NGOs, and a community of sustainability practitioners to support global procurement of renewable energy

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“REBA is one of the most innovative and collaborative groups of peers, colleagues, and friends I've been a part of—and it’s directly helping us break barriers to finding and executing renewable energy solutions.”

Kevin Hagen

Vice President Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) Strategy

Iron Mountain