Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance Announces Vice President of Programs

Mark Porter enters new role that will oversee all programs and initiatives focused on accelerating zero-carbon energy transactions for the organization 

Washington, D.C. – (Mar. 1, 2021) – The Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA), the leading convenor of the country’s largest energy buyers, announced the promotion of Mark Porter, who will serve as the company’s first vice president. In his new role, Porter will oversee all programs and initiatives at REBA and the REBA Institute focused on accelerating clean energy transactions for the organization’s membership and community at large. 

“Mark has been a key member of REBA’s team for almost five years, and he has been a true ‘servant leader’ as we have established REBA as a standalone organization,” said Miranda Ballentine, REBA’s CEO. “Thanks to his phenomenal contributions, creativity, and people-leadership, Mark has risen in responsibility at REBA. He is deeply respected by REBA’s members and his colleagues—and by me. I am delighted to have him serve as REBA’s first vice president.” 

Porter’s work has been instrumental to REBA since its inception, launching REBA’s popular supply chain and international programs, as well as developing and executing REBA’s most important member engagement events like the REBA Member Summit and Boot Camps. He previously served as Principal at Rocky Mountain Institute’s (RMI) Business Renewables Center, one of REBA’s pilot-phase programs, helping the program transition to REBA when it launched as a fully staffed organization in 2019. 

“I couldn’t think of a better choice for REBA’s first Vice President,” says REBA board member and frequent REBA Boot Camp faculty, Nicola Peil-Moelter of VMware, “Mark’s unique amalgam of leadership skills, expertise, humor and charm has been an essential component of REBA’s early success.” 

Mark brings 23 years of business consulting and corporate clean energy expertise, spending almost a decade in the corporate clean energy finance practice at Ernst & Young. Originally from Wales, Mark grew up in Southwest England. He is a chartered certified accountant by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) accreditation.  

“Growing up in a predominantly agricultural part of the UK, where legacy hydro facilities were on display in the energy landscape and the first wind farms were developed, there were visible symbols of sustainable energy, which rooted my interests at a young age and pulled me into the renewable energy field 15 years ago,” said Porter. “It is a distinct honor to be supporting REBA’s mission and the wider community through this new role. It has been wonderful to be part of REBA’s growth to date, and I’m looking forward to the next phase as we collectively accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon energy future.”  

Despite the challenges of 2020, large energy buyers still accelerated their commitment to zero carbon power, with a record 10.6 GW of renewable energy deals announced.  As such, REBA’s growth in 2021 will create a number of exciting employment opportunities! 

“I have witnessed firsthand Mark’s passion for serving others by selfishly sharing his knowledge and expertise to the clean energy community,” says REBA board member and frequent REBA Boot Camp faculty, Bruce Fransden of Equinix, “REBA is fortunate to have his caliber of leadership as one of our assets. As I consider the elevated positive impact and influence Mark will have in his new role, I am excited about what the future holds for REBA and its membership.” 

“As REBA passes its second anniversary, and our proof-of-concept phase is behind us, we continue to mature as an organization, which includes the addition of more roles at every level,” said Ballentine, “I can think of absolutely no better time to join the zero-carbon energy movement!”