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Empowering market stakeholders with the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to navigate clean energy market.

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The Education and Engagement team collaborates with all REBA programs to develop resources, tools, and convenings that help energy buyers learn and grow the ability to accelerate clean energy transactions. REBA members have exclusive access to a variety of offerings tailored to level of experience in the market and area of interest. Are you a new energy buyer? We have you covered through our 101 Overviews and Primers , as well as our publicly accessible overview of Renewable Energy Procurement . If you have successfully transacted in the market, but haven't gone pro yet REBA's Guides, Roadmaps, and Case Studies will help you through the complexities of procurement.

All REBA resources are exclusively available for REBA members on the Member Portal. If you're a member, click the Member Login button in the upper right corner to download the resource of interest.

Primers & Guides

Primers and Guides cover some of the most important technical, operational, and organizational challenges energy buyers face during energy procurement transactions.

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Case Studies

In-depth insights from large-scale energy buyers that have successfully transacted in the market by leveraging innovative methodologies.
The Aggregating Small Energy Demand case study is available to the public for a limited time.

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Boot Camps

An immersive experience for large-scale energy buyers at the early stages of their clean energy journey.

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Energy Buyer Roadmap

Providing energy buyers with the necessary resources through each step of the clean energy procurement journey.

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Large-scale Renewable Energy Deals

The Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance tracks new large scale renewable energy deals as they are announced.

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Members who want to dive deeper into specific market areas may be interested in exploring our Initiatives.

Buyers' Principles

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Future of Internet Power

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Green Tariffs

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REBA Idea Submission

REBA strives to provide educational resources related to the renewable energy market ranging from introductory material to advanced topics that move the market forward. If you know of a topic, project, deal, or announcement that would be a valuable resource for the REBA community, please complete this short questionnaire.

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