Market Innovation

Unlocking the next generation of clean energy solutions to achieve a zero-carbon energy system.

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Emerging Clean Energy Technologies

Clean energy technologies that could have major positive impacts in reducing economy-wide emissions are created every day, but bringing these technologies to market is complex. The Market Innovation team provides resources to help energy buyers navigate when and how they can engage in this complex landscape to expedite the development and deployment of next generation technologies.

Advancing the Landscape of Clean Energy Innovation [PDF]

Case Studies in Clean Energy Innovation: The Role of Large Companies

Utility Engagement

Large energy buyers are eager to innovate with utilities to create mutually beneficial solution pathways. The Market Innovation team helps foster utility-customer collaboration forums to increase market access to cost-effective utility offerings that support addressing the evolving clean energy technology integration opportunities and challenges.

Market & Contract Structures

REBA members have innovated on market and contract structures to achieve their sustainability goals. The Market Innovation team fosters opportunities to educate and activate energy buyers on innovative mechanisms and market structures.